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  • The Business of Comics
    Lurene Haines' guide to establishing a career in the comic book business, with info on promotion and marketing, from
    (Added: 1-Mar-2002)

  • Comic Book Legal Defense FundLook!
    The non-profit CBLDF defends comic book retailers and artists who are prosecuted under vague "obscenity" laws. You can show your support with a $25 annual membership.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Creating Comics
    Dave Law maintains this comprehensive list of links for comic writers, artists, letterers, and self-publishers.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Fantagraphics Look!
    This is the place to order alternative comics.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • From Girls to Grrlz
    This history of women's comics, available from
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • How to Self-Publish Your Comic Book
    Tony Caputo's resource guide to the business, production, distribution, marketing and promotion of self-published comics, available from
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Indy Friendly Stores
    This regularly updated list by Small Press Expo includes addresses and phone numbers of stores that distribute independently produced comics.
    (Added: 11-Apr-2015)

  • Self-Publishing Your Comic
    Gary Reed, the publisher of Calibur Press, wrote this guide for Cerebus #171, which appeared in June 1993.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Small Press Comics FAQ
    John MacLeod answers the most common questions asked in his Small Press Comics Chat. Last updated 1998.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Small Press Expo
    A nonprofit created in 1994 to promote artists and publishers of independent comics. It holds an annual expo.
    (Added: 11-Apr-2015)

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