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  • AK Press
    This worker's collective carries about 70 political zines. Use the pull-down menu to select "Zines/Periodicals." It also has a U.K. site.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Atomic BooksLook!
    Based in Baltimore, this store carries hundreds of zines, plus alternative comics, weird books and porn. It can all be ordered online or by mail.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Bird in the Hand Zine Shop
    A zine shop located at 100a King Street, Newcastle, Australia and run by Suzy Pow! The mailing address is P.O. Box 106, Newcastle, NSW 2300 Australia. Offers grab bags starting at $10 each.
    (Added: 10-Jan-2010)

  • Etsy: Zines
    This craft site offers hundreds of zine titles divided into categories such as art, black and white, color, fiction, how to, indie, nonfiction and poetry.
    (Added: 24-Feb-2008)

  • Fantagraphics
    This is the place to order alternative comics.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Grrrlzine Distros
    This site has links to about 30 grrrlzine catalogs, mostly from the U.S. and Canada.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Microcosm PublishingLook!
    Launched in 1997, this catalog includes about 60 zines, along with books, pamphlets, stickers, patches, music, buttons and T-shirts.
    (Added: 25-Apr-2002)

  • Parcell Press Distro
    This consignment shop for independent publications, primarily zines and books. Categories include art comics, DIY guides, fiction, film and video, graphic novels, literary zines, music, personal zines, poetry, political, zine books, zine zines, sex and stuff and theme zines. Taylor, its proprietor, publishes the zine cultor-sore.
    (Added: 16-Feb-2004)

  • Powell's Books
    This well-known book store, based in Portland, Oregon, carries about 80 zines that can be ordered online. It also sells new and used zine books.
    Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Reading Frenzy
    Based in Portland, Oregon, this store carries hundreds of zines, comics and books. It also has regular readings and other events. Its online catalog is on hiatus, but you can email for ordering information.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

  • Quimby's
    This Chicago institution carries a wide variety of zines, comics and books about alternative culture. Sign up for the free e-mail newsletter to be notified of future readings and events. You can submit your order online, but you have to phone with credit card info or send payment by snail mail.
    (Added: 1-Jan-2002)

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