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Beer FramePaul Lukas,
Beer Frame

Age: 33

Selection: "Armour Pork Brains in Milk Gravy" (page 8)

Recent review (from Underbelly): "Paul's examination of the absurd elements of consumer culture is more than just a sarcastic look at America; it's fascinating and insightful." (From Bunnyhop): "They should stock this mag at the checkout counter of every supermarket in America."

Sample: $3 from 671 DeGraw St., No. 2, Brooklyn, NY 11217(checks: Paul Lukas)

When did you launch your zine? What inspired you to do so?
I started it in October 1993. I need a project for myself (long story—let's just say it was important for me to keep busy) and had published another zine years earlier, so it seemed like a good idea for a new one. I had a bunch of product reviews sitting around that I'd been writing for someone else's zine, and he kept getting delayed. So I just said, "Fuck it," pulled an Indian giver move, and took back everything from him so I could publish it myself. Came up with the concept of Inconspicuous Consumption while sitting around on Labor Day '93—the rest just fell into place.

Why publish a zine?
Why has nothing to do with it—it's an imperative. Why do people who like gardening grow things? Why do people who like woodworking build things? Why do mountain climbers climb things?

What can you tell us about the selection you provided for "The Book of Zines"?
Armour Pork BrainsI knew Pork Brains existed but couldn't find any in New York City (it's a Southern product), so I had my pal Marie pick some up for me when she visited her family in Virginia. Some people have expressed skepticism about the part where I try the brains and end up feeding them to my cats, but it's all true. Footnote: When the piece first ran, Marie's parents reportedly expressed concern that "now everyone will think our family eats brains."

Have you ever published any other zines?
I published a music zine from '86 to '88. Amidst the jillions of record reviews, I usually included one page of product reviews, as a joke. Didn't know it then, but this was the genesis of inconspicuous consumption.

Beer FrameWhat's your favorite part of doing a zine?
The satisfaction of creating something is about 50 percent of it, and meeting fun people is the other 50 percent. My readers often send me really fun products, too. I'll put Beer Frame's readership up against anyone's. My readers are the best, and I'd be lost without them.

In my other life, I'm a:
Freelance writer/cat owner.

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