Raw Material

Sidewalk Bubblegum Cover

Clay Butler,
Sidewalk Bubblegum

Age: 30

Selection: "The Choice of a New Generation" (page 100)

Recent review (from Zine World): "Well-drawn and very smart stuff."

Sample: $1 cash and two stamps from P.O. Box 245, Capitola, CA 95010

When did you launch your zine? What inspired you to do so?
1995. I started my zine to provide an easier way to send out samples and to have something to trade with other zine publishers. Everyone kept asking if I had a mini-comic so I made one. I also wanted something to distribute until my book, "The Glory of Capitalism," came out. Now my mini serves as a sampler for my book.

Clay FreaksWhy publish a zine?
Why not? It's fun, easy and a great way to make contact with other zine readers and publishers.

What's your favorite part of doing a zine?
Holding it in my hand when it's finally finished.

In my other life, I'm a:
Cartoonist, illustrator and TV producer.

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