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Al Hoff
Thrift SCORE

Selection: "Sixty-Six Things I Hate about Shopping in Thrift Stores" (page 144)

Recent review (from Zine World): "Mixes irony and obsession with just a hint of Velveeta." (From Karma Lapel): "Friendly, inspirational, practical and delightfully not trendy."

Sample: Back issues are $1 cash from P.O. Box 90282, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

When did you launch your zine? What inspired you to do so?
TS launched February 1994. Inspiration: I was obsessed with thrift shopping. Hoped to reach other obsessed thrifters and also wanted to cover topics that seemed ignored—what about all the different kinds of people that thrifted? Why? What did they buy? What were the shared experiences?—I guess I instinctively knew there was a sub-culture to be tapped. Now, I know that for sure. Starting the zine was also an excuse to do more thrifting for "research" and whatnot.

Why publish a zine?
Did I already answer this?

Purse PhoneAny general tips for aspiring zinesters?
Well, just do it and try to do a decent job. There's a shitload of poorly done zines and yours will just go in that pile. That's not said to discourage people—but frankly a crappy zine is a waste of everybody's time. I appreciate a zine that is well-written and looks fairly nice. It doesn't have to be glossy, but I tire quickly of bad collages and sloppy handwriting. I like to see a zine that somebody has obviously put effort into—whether it's graphics, clever use of illustration, good research, good writing or that really conveys a true sense of what somebody's into.
Once you've done it—be good about sending it—send to other zines, to review zines like Factsheet Five, to small stores that carry zines etc. I also believe it helps to be responsive (mail it out now!) and personal—it's not a ballbuster to include a two-line note thanking Person X for sending a dollar. And be realistic about your success—it takes a while to establish your presence. Persevere—put out another issue. Repeat as necessary.

Thrift ScoreWhat's your favorite part of doing a zine?
Mail. I love getting mail. Also, I love that moment when everything is all glued and ready to be reproduced. Research — I love any excuse to go to the library and paw through old magazines.

In my other life, I'm a:
Writer, I guess....and a housewife (though I'm a better writer than housewife).

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