Raw Material

TV Grind Cover

Dean Williams, TV Grind

Age: 31

Selection: "The Truth About Fonzie and Mrs. C.," by John Migliore (page 113)

Recent review (from Hitch): "There is so much horrible TV out there that needs to be ridiculed, and TV Grind does a fine, fine job of it."

Sample: no longer available

When did you launch your zine? What inspired you to do so?
I had the idea about three years prior to actually doing it, I thought that there were way too many movie review/criticism magazines and no one was giving television a fair shake. It's one of the biggest, if not the biggest mediums and its just seen as trash. Not good trash (like cheesy movies) just plain old garbage.

Why publish a zine?
To purge my mind without being edited.

Do you publish any other zines?
I did 5 issues of a mini comic called Butt Biscuit that got picked up by Fantagraphics. It was about a retarded boy who is abandoned by his white trash parents, it goes all over the place like a real fucked up soap opera.

What's your favorite part of doing a zine?
Pleasing my readers.

Any general tips for aspiring zinesters?
I've made lots of mistakes, but the worst thing you can do is neglect your zine. Sometime I go for weeks without working on it, but a day doesn't pass without me worrying about some aspect of my zine.

John Migliore

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