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"Fan-zines project new voices into publishing; At vanguard of youthful rapport," Santa Fe New Mexican, January 10, 1997
Mentions Island News, Beer Frame, Maximum Rocknroll, Thora-zine, Fizz, Ben Is Dead, Flipside, Bust, Inner 303. Annoying split of fanzine into fan-zine throughout.

"Zines," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, January 6, 1997
Editorial assistant looking for a byline pitches yet another "hey look!" story on zines to clueless editors. Mentions The Beacon, Buicks Ate My Planet, Bummers and Gummers, Can Control, Giant Robot. Notes that "if all goes well, an investment of $200 might produce $150 to $250 in revenue after postage" and claims that many people do zines to break into journalism and have something to put on their resume (!). Uh....yeah.

Zinesters grapple with the ad thing, Folio:, February 1, 1997
Discusses "line being drawn between those zinesters who go into publishing for pleasure and those who make it a business." Mentions bOING bOING, Green, Bust, POPSmear, But A Paper Dress, Second Guess, Fishwrap. Link to story.

"Zines provide outlet for creativity," Kansas City Star, January 13, 1997
Quickie profile of the queerzine Sneer and its creator, "young entrepreneur" Shane Tanner.

The Zine Scene: Libraries Preserve the Latest Trend in Publishing, American Libraries, February 1997
A nicely done overview of the various zine archives at university and public libraries. Mentions Factsheet Five, Baby Fat, Diseased Pariah News, Holy Titclamps. Link to story.

Past entries:

"Art to Die For," The New Republic, Feb. 21, 1994
Serial killer zines examined, with mentions to ANSWER Me!, Evil, Bukowski and Serial Killers, Boiled Angel, Caffeine Addiction, Murder Can Be Fun, and naturally Full Force Frank. Writer Alex Heard got death threats on his answering machine after the article appeared, apparently from a subject that wasn't happy with being taken less than seriously.

"Behind the Zines," Los Angeles Times, March 7, 1993
Mentions bOING bOING, Ben Is Dead, Screambox, etc.

"The Edgy World of Zines," MediaWeek, August 2, 1993
Mentions Ben Is Dead, GirlJock, Maximum Rocknroll, Flipside, Big Takeover, Optimistic Pezzimist, Diseased Pariah News in context of whether they'd be good buys for advertisers.

"Four questions about Factsheet Five," Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 1991
Basic intro to zines with Mike Gunderloy. Somehow classifies trade magazine American Cemetery as a zine. Mentions Why is the Future Unfolding Shit?, Coalition for Prisoners Rights Newsletter, Girl Jock, Growing Without Schooling, Kansas Intelligencer, Keltic Fringe, A Load of Bull, Psychotic Prophets, USSR News Brief, White Bread.

"Good Day Fanzine," San Jose Mercury News, May 21, 1993
(Also sent on Knight-Ridder wire on May 26). Compares producing a music zine to letting your grandma fly a passenger jet. Huh? Seth goes low, estimates 5,000 zines. Mentions Backstreets (Springsteen), Telegraph (Marley), MLC (Madonna), Featprints (Little Feat), The Bastard Sun (John Wesley Harding), Rewind, Fiz, Beatlefan, Flipside, Dupree's Diamond News, Morri'zine, Gajoob, Ablaze!, Maximum Rocknroll, Incredible Shrinking Fanzine, Industrial Metal, File 13.

"Itching to Find a Niche?" Chicago Sun-Times, August 18, 1994
Mentions zines columnist came across at two Chicago newsstands: Piercing Fans' International Quarterly, Alaska People, Nothing, Chip's Closet Cleaner, Mister Destiny, Hate Those Jays, Hey There Barbie Girl, Three Twenty-Seven, The Duplex Planet, Optimistic Pezzimist, Teenage Gang Debs, Bruce the Psychic Guy, Murder Can Be Fun.

"Land of 10,000 Zines," Minnesota Monthly, March 1994
Mentions Little Free Press, Exile, Three Twenty-Seven, Aphrasia, Baby Split Bowling News, Ear Noises, Demure Butchness, Gnu Snoose News.

"Notes from the Underground," Chicago Sun-Times, September 19, 1993
Examines Chicago-based zines. Mentions Jersey Beat, Baffler, Roctober, Speed Kills!, Flypaper, Reactor, Matter, Pure, Panic Button

"Publishing for the Live of It," Ottawa Citizen, January 22, 1994
Mentions American Window Cleaner, Stripper Magazine, Roadkill Review, Poppin' Zits, Museum Insights, Mondo, Christopher. Says Seth, "1993 was a great year for zines."

"Pushing the Boundaries: Zines and Libraries," Wilson Library Bulletin, May 1995
Written by Chris Dodge of MSRRT Newsletter, this article explains what zines are and why libraries should stock them.

"The Rise of the Zine," Christian Science Monitor, July 26, 1995

"Welcome to the Zine Scene," Gannett Suburban Newspapers, January 16, 1994
Mentions I Love Amy Carter, I Hate Brenda Newsletter, XYY, Voice of Zewam, Rancid Rants, Bruce on a Stick, Derogatory Reference.

"The World of Zines," Buffalo News, January 9, 1994
Mentions Bacteria of Decay, Festering Brainsore, Living Free, Way Dickie Magazine, Buffaloon Newspaper, The Nancy Mauerman Newsletter, Avenue Player.

"Write On: A Computer is All It Takes to Publish in Cyberspace," Phoenix Gazette, August 15, 1994
How to start your own electronic zine. Mentions Holy Temple of Mass Consumption, Cropduster, Cult of the Dead Cow, Ego Project, Girl Guide Band, Voices from the Net, Unplastic News, Crash, Taylorology, Funhouse!, CPU.

"Zine," Quake, Fall 1993
Mentions Bad Seed, Life in a Bottle, Sanity Sux, Satan Wears a Bra, National Association for the Advancement of Perry Mason Newsletter, Flipside, Ink Disease, Vicious Hippies from Panda Hell, Chickfactor, Teenage Gang Debs, Murder Can Be Fun, Disses mainstream "McMagazines."

Zine But Not Heard, Time, September 5, 1994
Mentions Cometbus, Nancy's Magazine, ANSWER Me!, Mudslap, Bobby is Fred.

"Zines crash the system," Computer Pictures, May 1993
Mentions Poppin' Zits, Murder Can Be Fun, Slug & Lettuce, chickfactor, The Last Prom, Anarchy, ANSWER Me!, Jack Ruby's Slippers, Maledicta, Festering Brain Sore, Super Hate Jr., Food for Thought. Compares zines to Ross Perot.

"The Zine Explosion," American Journalism Review, April 1992
Mentions Murder Can Be Fun, Sabot Times, IQ, Red Heifer Offering, They Won't Stay Dead!, 8-Track Mind, Geraldo Must Die!, Hossatopia, Sound & Fury, Experiment in Words, Brimstone, Virgin International Contact Zine, Urine Nation News, Dick E. Bird News, SOS, Raised By Wolves, Singin' Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues, Taste of Latex, Queer City, Pills-a-Go-Go, Slug Mag, Psychotronic Video, Wind Chill Factor, The Optimistic Pezzimist, The ROC, Voices From Spirit, Diseased Pariah News, Crash Update, Iron Feather Journal, Opuntia, Evil, City Limits Gazette, Roller Sports Report.

"Zines of the Times," Arena, Summer 1993
Mentions Hot Buttered Geek, Harley Krishna, Psycho Sushi Dishwasher, The Nancy Mauerman Newsletter, Murder Can Be Fun, Pills-a-Go-Go. Calls Seth "plainly mad."

"Zines make the scene on the Net," San Francisco Examiner, August 10, 1994
Calls Factsheet Five "the TV Guide of the zine world." Mentions Terrorist Profile Weekly, Canter and Siegel Report, Twangin', Comic Art Studies, Desert Rats, Take a Bite.

"Zine Scene," Atlanta Journal and Constitution, December 1, 1992
Mentions Baby Split Bowling News, Maledicta, Festering Brain Sore, American Window Cleaner Magazine, Tray Full of Lab Mice Publications, Beyond Failure, Anti, Out of Order, Mouth, Swing Loe, Noisy Jewelry, Flipside, House O' Pain, Feedback Factory Press, Full Cup.

"The Zine Scene," Cincinnati Enquirer, April 8, 1993
Zines are "the new vanity press." Mentions Teenage Gang Debs, the Animal Eye, Murder Can Be Fun, The Comicist, Video Watchdog, I Hate Brenda, Blind Iquana Press, Babyfish Lost Its Momma, bOING bOING, Fagagaga, The Snopeses Go Camping and Shattered Wig Review, Festering Brainsore, Optimistic Pezzimist, Ben Is Dead.

"The Zine Scene," Indianapolis Star, August 22, 1993
Compares Factsheet Five to New York Review of Books. Mentions Sty Zine, the Authentic Roger Fnord Newsletter and Catalog, Underground Office Memos, Prophets Among Us, Food for Thought. "There are lots of psychopaths out there, writing zines," says Seth.

"Zine Scene," Toronto Star, August 22, 1992
Mentions Toronto zines such as F.O.D.! Maggotzine, Vagina Dentata, Fist in Your Face, Skull Session, Panicos, Asian Eye, Feline Frenzy, Femzine, Snot Rag.

"Zines: Your Right to Rave," Whole Earth Review, December 22, 1987
Passionate description of how to start your own.

More Cites, compiled by Chris Dodge

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