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Why Publish?

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In 1989, Mike Gunderloy, the founder of Factsheet Five, compiled a 54-page booklet called "Why Publish?". Mike had done a column in the magazine in which he asked readers to submit responses to that question. The booklet is a compilation of the responses. Since it's long out-of-print and almost impossible to find, Mike graciously allowed me to convert Why Publish? to an Adobe PDF ebook format for visitors to download free of charge. The copy I scanned and converted was provided by Chris Dodge of Street Librarian.
Why Publish? includes an introduction by Jacob Rabinowitz, illustrations by Nancy McClernan and contributions from Katrina Fixx of The Whole Shmeer, Jay Harber of Notes from Oblivion, John F. Kelly of Get Smart (and later XYY), Bob Conrad of This Zine Sucks (and later Second Guess), Peter Mantis of Loafing the Donkey, Mary Fleener of Chicken Slacks, David Greenberger of The Duplex Planet, James Moore of Wiggansnatch, Stewart Brand of the beginnings of the Whole Earth Review, Gene Mahoney of Good Clean Fun, Donna Kossy of False Positive (and later Kooks, and later Book Happy), Erik Kosberg of Between the Lines, Thomas Joseph Brown of the Journal of Borderland Research, Elayne Wechsler of Inside Joke, Lisa Herskovits of Bikini Girl, Ace Backwards of Twisted Image, Caryn Rose of Radio Free Europe and many others. Please note that Mike (who co-authored a collection of fanzine reviews called The World of Zines and still writes computer books) no longer publishes F5, and that some addresses in the text are not current. To view the PDF file, you'll first need to download the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

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