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Approaching the '80s Zine Scene
A Background Survey
& Selected Annotated Bibliography

by Stephen Perkins

Author's Note: Originally published in 1992 by Plagiarist Press as a "Works-In-Progress Pamphlet," this text was circulated specifically for criticism and feedback and was my first attempt at trying to bring some shape to this amorphous activity. There is much that I now would change. One large area that is not broached here is the publishing activity of the Fluxus group, a serious omission as I look back in hindsight. Feedback is welcome.


Science Fiction Fanzines

The Counter Culture and
the Underground Press (1960-1975)

Alternative Art Publishing:
Artists' Books (1960-1980)

Alternative Art Publishing:
Artists' Magazines (1960-1980)

Assembling Magazines
(a.k.a. Compilations)

Punk Zines

Mail Art and Networking
Magazines (1970-1980)


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Copyright 1992 Stephen Perkins. Posted with permission.

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