Roll Your Own

So, You Want to Start a Zine?
by Steven Svymbersky

In one way at least, zines are like every other form of media and entertainment. The worst sin they can commit is to be boring, and it is a sin committed all too frequently by small press publishers. Yes, even you could cobble together enough material to create something the same shape and definition as a magazine, maybe even a whole book—but that doesn't mean you should.


So, You Want to Start an E-Zine?
by Chip Rowe

Many zine editors, faced with the increasing costs of printing and postage costs, have gone digital and launched email ezines or Webzines, or created online versions of their existing print zines. Some have Internet access at home, and others through their day jobs. Creating an online publication can be very satisfying. It limits your audience to those with online access, while also expanding your audience to readers around the world without additional cost. However, in many ways, it can't replace the pleasures of paper. More on that later. First, let's examine the advantages and logistics of online publishing.